It’s not always about the racing! - A blog by Claire Pile

It’s not always about the racing! - A blog by Claire Pile

05/03 is not just a race team, its a club team made up of people who enjoy riding bikes, some on road and some on mountain, gravel or CX bikes. Yes, a lot of us enjoy the buzz of racing but there are also plenty who like riding socially or using cycling as a way of setting and achieving a goal or challenge.

For me, it’s both and those that know me, will know that when am not at work I am probably out on my bike!

This year, I will not only be racing but I am combining my passion for cycling with a BIG challenge along with some of my colleagues at Stags, whilst celebrating the firms 150 th anniversary. We all have the aim of raising funds and awareness of four local charities all supporting those fighting or affected by Cancer, here in the South West.

Many of us will have felt the impact of this terrible disease, so we are cycling in the hope that we can support the great work these charities are doing, even if just in a small way. We’ll be riding over 400 miles, through four counties, in just four days visiting every one of the 22 Stags offices along the way. I haven’t quite worked out how many bananas and flapjacks we are going to need but it is clear that it is really going to test us massively both physically and mentally. Riding a few hours, a few times a week is very different to hours and hours day after day.

Our ride kicks off on 3 rd July so with less than 5 weeks to go training is well underway. As with many of us amateur riders combining training, work and life in general is a real juggling act. I currently train 9-11 hours a week, mornings, evenings with longer rides at the weekend combining endurance riding (believe or not training is usually 80% low intensity/endurance not 80% at race pace!) with interval work in preparation for a few races which I hope to slot in before the main event.

Last weekend as part of my current block of training I took part in Ride London, a charity ride that’s been on my bucket list, providing the opportunity to experience 100 miles of closed roads and the opportunity to ride through the capital with thousands of other cyclists. This was a great ride which, even with a very wet start and continued rain for the first 60 miles was great fun. It even posed an opportunity for an interview with the local radio where hopefully I was able to encourage others to get on a bike and give it a go, particularly the women out there.

The ultimate goal in completing the Stags challenge, for me is to help in raising funds for these incredible charities to support their ongoing work. I always think that none of us know when we might need their help and kindness.

We will be keeping everyone up-to-date with our training progress as well as updates once our challenge is underway.

Below is the link to our GoFundMe page where we would welcome and be very grateful of any donations.

Stags charity fundraising for cancer