Will Roberts talks about his goals for the season

Will Roberts talks about his goals for the season

Season goals
Outcome - 2 things.
- GB track squad
- Pro Team

I’ve got my foot in the door with the gb squad now, but I want to get fully through the door and onto a squad.

This means I have to go to perform very well from mid Jan to mid March when track nationals and hongkong NCUP is on the cards. Then get to hongkong NCup and perform very well.

These season goals are several months off. But the track goals are here and now. It’s not too complicated, I’ve just got to work very hard and smart for this goal until mid March (15th)

I think I’ve got the potential to get onto a pro team by next year. In a similar fashion to how Zeb did it last year.

So for me that means going to 2.2’s and 1.2’s and getting consistent top 10’s all over the place. Then big results in races harder than that.

The likes of the races we’ve done this year (l’oir et Cher for example) are the sort of races I want to get good consistent stage results in, and in GC. This was my first proper year going to these races, so I really know what to expect now, and feel like once I get there I know how to get the results, and in terms of training I feel like I know how to get the results as well!

Time trials are important for me, I’ve shown good potential in the past with a few really good rides, it’s good training and in the stage races with flat time trials in, is a great result to go to and get results in. (Last years Olympias tour for example).

The national crits I don’t think will really help towards this ultimate goal as much. But I’m good at them, and I think I must go to as many as possible because that’s where I can get regular good results

Being concussed this year and watching the tour of Britain instead of riding it really motivated me to get better. Because I love the team role and analysis, and I saw so many areas for improvement within the team from a leadout perspective. So I want to go to all races like that because I think we can achieve awesome things that I want to be a part of, and without trying to sound ignorant, I think I can do the team roll better than most

So it’s hard to pin point now what I want to do specifically, but once we have a calendar, I’ll know.

2023’s season, but much better.

So all the same sort of races, smash the team pursuit this time round, get stuck into a lead out and team role, but mainly get myself a healthy smattering of .2 + .1 results, and .Pro experience.