Dear Saint Piran Pro Cycling Fans

Dear Saint Piran Pro Cycling Fans

As we wrap up another exhilarating year of racing, I find myself reflecting on the journey we've undertaken together in the 2023 season. The highs, the lows, the triumphs, and the challenges—we've experienced it all, and I'm excited to share our story with you.

From the outset, our team set ambitious goals for the year, fuelled by the passion and determination that define Saint Piran Pro Cycling. We aimed not only to compete at the highest level, but to leave an indelible mark on the cycling world. 

The year began well in terms of riders: we retained Alex Richardson and Jack Rootkin-Gray, and with Zeb Kyffin joining mid-season we had a very strong roster. 

With track specialists Charlie Tanfield and Will Tidball onboard, we cleaned up at the National Track Championships. Saint Piran has always had riders take part in the championships, but we never expected we could dominate to the extent we did in 2023. 

Our Road Season: 

The season started with a bang as we secured a historic 1st, 2nd and 3rd result at the Lincoln Grand Prix in May. This set the tone for our year on the domestic scene, following up with Lancaster GP where Saint Piran riders placed 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 and 12. Our riders showed the strength and condition gained from our European race calendar.  

Onto the Ryedale GP, and it was the turn of Harry (Horse) Birchall to secure the win. Harry has a huge heart, and we are immensely proud to have him at Saint Piran. It became slightly awkward when four of his fellow teammates filed across the line to wrap up another podium lockout!

One of the standout moments of the season came during the Tour of Britain. Our riders demonstrated exceptional teamwork and resilience during eight stages; the riders went out stage hunting, and they came away with their heads held high. Taking the race to the World Tour teams, we animated proceedings with well-timed attacks that where hard to shut down, testing the legs of Wout Van Aert and others. With Zeb realising his potential, we switched to General Classification mode, going all in to aid his incredible sixth place finish. To come in ahead of many World Tour teams was beyond our expectations.

Legs and bodies were tired by the time we reached the Beaumont Trophy, and we only managed 1st, 2nd and 4th place. This was disappointing for our riders, as by now they had set lofty expectations to dominate the National Series. Zeb secured the overall victory, with Jack taking the Under 23 title. All in all, a good year on the road. 

However, no season is without its setbacks. We faced adversity, learned from it, and emerged stronger. Injuries, unpredictable weather conditions, and fierce competition tested our resolve. Yet, it was during these lowest lows that the true character of our team and riders shone through. We believe in a family approach, and supported each other throughout, adapting our strategies and expectations, and never wavering in our pursuit of greatness.

Beyond the races, our commitment to sustainability and the ongoing challenge of the road to net-zero was ever present. The University of Exeter joined us on our Tour of Britain journey to study our impact. We knew the results would be challenging and potentially ugly, but, our commitment to studying our impact demonstrates our desire to improve and reach our goal. 

2023 took us to new levels of community engagement. Our media team engaged with our fans out on the roadside, and were blown away with the love shown for the team. Our partnership with Tribute and Rattler proved extremely popular with the fan base. 

Looking ahead, we are already setting our sights on the future. The 2024 season promises new opportunities, fresh challenges, and a chance to build on the foundation we've laid. As we evolve, so too does our commitment to our fans, sponsors, and the cycling community at large.

To our supporters - thank you for being the driving force behind Saint Piran Pro Cycling. Your passion and energy fuel our journey, and we carry the spirit of the fans with us on every ride.

As we close the chapter on the 2023 season, I can't help but feel a sense of pride in what we've accomplished together. Saint Piran Pro Cycling is not just a team; it's a family united by a shared love for the sport. Here's to the memories we've created, the lessons we've learned, and the exciting road that lies ahead.

Pedal on,

Ricci Pascoe

Team Owner, Saint Piran Pro Cycling