Have You Been Involed In An Accident? 

Saint Piran Service Course has teamed up with Cams to help you.

Insured or not our quick bike repair and replacement service will get your wheels turning in no time

  • We offer a bike collection and replacement service
  • We will organise collection paperwork and replacement bike
  • We will match the specification of your current bike to your new bike.
  • Free Saint Piran Delivra membership

We Will Collect Your Bike After An Accident And Assist Your Claim

If you have been in an accident that was not your fault we have a specialist partner that will support you and organize through us to replace your bike faster than almost any other company. Take the hassle away now. We will book your bike to be collected from you, if you don't have a box you can put the bike in for an extra £15 we will send you one with a return label. 

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