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The team is named in honour of Cornwall’s patron saint - 5th March (05/03) is St Piran’s Day – and is a direct feeder to Saint Piran Pro Cycling.
The racing landscape in the UK is rapidly changing. Outside of Saint Piran Pro Cycling, at the highest level of racing there remains 2 UK UCI continental teams, Trinity Racing and Wiv SunGod.

Entry to these teams is almost a closed shop, as the requirement to be a rider on one of these teams would be an exceptional individual who is usually on the development pathway to one of these teams or already a part of the British Cycling Academy programme.

We are the only team with a development model that gives a guaranteed entry into a UCI team we will hold open a minimum of one place each season for a rider from 05/03 feeder team to ride with the UCI team Saint Piran. This offer of a clear pathway cannot be underestimated for riders seeking a professional career.

We aim to have a two tier race structure subject to our business plan for 05/03, which is namely attracting the correct level of sponsorship to have 6-8 elite riders in 05/03 that compete in all national races and at least 3 UCI races. These riders are provided with a Team car Directeur Sportive Mechanical support at these selected races. Accommodation Entry fees paid for in full. This is our pre cursor to moving to UCI continental level with the 05/03 model in 2024 preparing these riders for the next level. Whilst keeping the door open to the Saint Piran Continental team open for riders who clearly rise quickly to that standard. 05/03 is a pathway forward for riders who are just outside the level or are rising through the ranks.

Along side this the main objective is to provide opportunity for all riders who want to race under the development team. The easy access model to racing means you can join a team for £70 get a £100 jersey and go race. Covering all levels of racing 05-03’s organic approach is designed to be inclusive and supportive. Providing the inspiration to up and coming riders to be part of something that has a pathway way beyond the average UK club.

With Exclusive membership benefits across bikes and equipment 05-03 provides much more support to help with the increasing costs of making start line.

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