More Coaching Info


Saint Piran Pro Cycling is excited to announce the creation of its own world-class coaching framework for all riders in the Men’s UCI Continental Team, Women’s Team and 05-03 feeder team. 

For the first time, the team is opening up this opportunity to members of the public, to enable them to have the same level of coaching as its professional riders. 

Saint Piran Pro Cycling has always put its riders first, ensuring their health and wellbeing come before results. To ensure we have a clear understanding of how our riders are developing as both racers and individuals, we have brought that coaching in-house. 

Team Owner Richard Pascoe said: “It is essential as we enter our 7th year that we align our riders’ objectives with that of our teams. We have riders as young as 18 on our teams, so we have a responsibility to ensure they progress positively - as sportspeople and individuals. We have become very performance-focused but not at the cost of our riders’ wellbeing.  We are delighted to create a new business structure with Liam Holohan to embed that into our set-up. We’re offering athletes access to world-class coaching, regular performance testing and the review of yearly training plans on a regular basis. In principle, our riders will have to be attached to our coaching platform to ensure the best fit for the coach, rider, and team."

“We are also aware that thousands of leisure riders focus on their own performance and wellbeing. So we are now able to offer coaching packages to the public! This is the chance to have similar training and support programmes to leading professionals” 

Sports Director Steve Lampier says "I have extensive experience around coaching both as a rider and a team manager. We felt it was time to make sure we can increase the support of our riders in the UK. We have partnered with Holohan Coaching to provide a world-class service along with a rider-centric approach to cycling. We are not only employing the best practices but in our coaches, we feel we have some of the best staff to deliver at the highest levels, as they are part of the UK racing scene". 

Liam Holohan: “Saint Piran and Holohan Coaching share a similar ethos in delivering outstanding quality. Having worked within the organisation at the UCI level, we aim to bring our learning and expertise to riders of all levels. We are not only looking after Saint Piran, WRT and 05-03 riders, but want to offer coaching packages to the cycling public”.

All coaching packaging is now available live - with something to suit every rider's ability and budget. We look forward to helping develop and increase our involvement in UK cycling.